Gene Castellano Portrait 072413 5956Gene Castellano is an avid researcher of Delaware history and a former trustee of the Delaware Historical Society, where he chaired the Buildings and Grounds committee. Because of this position, he gained a special appreciation for some of Delaware’s most historically significant structures. Gene has authored a number of papers and given lectures on the early mineral springs resort at Brandywine Springs, the start of American tourism, and the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Wilmington: Preservation and Progress is his first book.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Villanova University. He also holds a Master of Arts degree and a Certification in Museum Studies from the University of Delaware.  While completing his museum studies degree, he interned at Hagley Museum and Library as a digitization specialist for their art collection. During his business career, he held positions in product development, finance and leadership with the DuPont Company and W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. In 2008, when W. L. Gore and Associates turned fifty years old, he led the creation of the company’s history archive.  As the leader of Gore’s Capabilities Center in Newark, Delaware, he led a team that created and presernted product technology exhibits for the enterprise.

After retiring from Gore in 2013, Gene worked as a private archivist and Delaware history consultant.  In 2016, he joined the staff of Hagley Museum and Library to start-up Hagley Heritage Curators, an initiative to help companies and trade associations preserve and research their history.

He and his wife, Jane, live in Wilmington, Delaware.