Gene Castellano’s book takes you on an architectural walking tour of Wilmington, Delaware that begins in the 1980s and concludes nearly thirty years later.

Wilmington had been a city bursting with optimism, anxious to reinvent itself from a 19th century manufacturing capital into a 20th century financial center. Progress had its challenges but much of the dream was eventually realized. Although many of the buildings from that era met the wrecking ball and were replaced with modern office towers, others survived with tasteful preservation.

Revisit Wilmington’s architectural heritage through never-before-published photographs taken by the author. This book is a beautiful “then and now” work featuring black and white images from the past paired with color images of the present. Carefully researched vignettes about each location make this book an addition to your Delaware history collection and a nostalgic conversation piece for friends and family.

Scenes from Wilmington: Preservation and Progress